I can buy bread, but not milk

“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” – Mark 2:27

What is a Sabbath? Is it a list of do’s and don’ts? I’m not allowed shopping, but what if I ran out of (soy) milk? (I’m lactose intolerant) What if I enjoy a cup of French Pressed coffee? Is that “too much” work?

More importantly, what role does a Sabbath have in my busy world? God made the world in six days; on the seventh, he rested. I’m better than God. I don’t need rest. I had just started my own business. I have mountains of work to do, and a list of over-due tasks that gives me anxiety to just see them.

However, I have discovered, that a Sabbath is not about me. It’s about worshiping God. Continue reading “I can buy bread, but not milk”


Living as a christian in the marketplace

When I was first given the task of writing about “How does being Christian affect our work/business?”, I felt burdened, because it was just another task on my to do list. My plan was just to put together a long list of “Christian” things to do, such as read bible daily; love others as yourself; donate generously; put family above work etc. Those are not incorrect, but without the right mindset, they are empty. In fact, they can breed contempt and bitterness towards God. This is exactly the path I was heading towards.

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